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Apreamare & Maestro Yachts

Apreamare history dates to 1849, when Giovanni Aprea started to handcrafting rowing and sailing boats used for fishing in Sorrento, basing his craft on the shape and form of the traditional "gozzo Sorrentino". The family tradition continued over with the charm of the Mediterranean style and authentic Made in Italy. A perfect design, able to conjugate the old tradition and the international modern class.

Unique in design, quality of materials, craftsmanship and the high level of technology, these boats are able to meet the most demanding yachtsmen. Precious woods, fine fabrics, detailed finishes, in full respect of ancient nautical tradition Sorrento. Since 1849.

Modern and innovative materials and technologies perfectly blend with the themes and classical forms of the oldest maritime culture. Maestro is a true example of aesthetic elegance but also comfort and seaworthiness.

"Boats for experts, for ship-owners who want held out the helm of life"

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