Come Sail Away- For The Weekend!

Come Sail Away

The weekend is upon you and the options seem endless; what to do? Weekends were meant for living, and this weekend is no different! Only have a couple of days of freedom before the call of work pulls you back to reality? Not to worry! You can still have killer weekends aboard your vessel- even if you can’t set sail for more than what a weekend offers. We’ve got you covered! This month we suggest some of our favorite places to visit for a weekend getaway- whether you live in the northeast or the southern peninsula – there is still time to take advantage of weekend escapes and recharge your batteries.

Key West: Shipwrecks, sponge gardens, and coral reefs await you as you sail off the coast of this famous key. Shallow snorkeling waters allow you to explore the water around you. If staying onboard, enjoy the show put on by the dolphins that play in the waves created by your boat. Delight in late afternoon cruising as you partake in light snacks and your favorite beverages. It may just be one day away from obligations, but the change of scenery and the beauty that abounds will connect with both your heart and soul.

Casco Bay: Whether you are out sailing for the full day or just a sunset cruise, Casco Bay in Maine offers a beautiful getaway to allow you to spend time with friends and family while you reach maximum levels of relaxation. Visit the many islands of the area or watch the fishing boats take in their bounty from a day at sea. The lighthouses delight as you sail past them- enjoying the iconic image. The right place and time allow you to witness harbor seals, sure to delight the passengers aboard your boat. A weekend absorbing the treasures of Casco Bay will help you face any week you have upcoming.

Panama City: Depart Panama City Beach area as you head towards Shell Island. The clear waters await your boat- whether you enjoy sliding into them from your onboard slide or exploring them from a paddleboard or kayak- the crystal waters will help to rejuvenate and revive you- exactly what your weekend called for. Delight in the play of local dolphins as you spend a carefree afternoon taking in the nature that surrounds you. Feeling up to a snorkel? Be sure to take in the hermit crabs, sand dollars, and starfish that abound in the area. Back onboard, your favorite playlist and ice-cold drinks await you – helping to cap off the perfect day at sea.

Summer is in full swing! There is still so much time to enjoy your favorite local space for the weekend!

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Stotler Yachts December 1, 2018