Preventative Measures: Keep Your Investment In Shipshape!


The best way to keep your yacht in top condition is to never stop maintaining it. A vessel that is poorly maintained will quickly lose its value. After all, it is much easier to maintain perfection than it is to try to return a ship to its former glory after it has gone too long with only minimal maintenance or periods of neglect. Your yacht is an investment, and like other investments in your life, you need to protect your assets. This month we remind you — whether you do it yourself as a labor of love or you hire someone to do it for you-you need to invest time into maintaining your boat in addition to the time you spend on it enjoying the pleasures of the sea.

Your boat exists in an environment that is humid and salty with often intense UV-rays. This creates the perfect condition for corrosion to set in, and over time, this corrosion if left unattended, will turn your prized possession into a relatively worthless investment. As such, it is essential to regularly clean and maintains your yacht to avoid this deleteriousness. A common technique (whether doing it yourself or through someone else) is to start your cleaning process at the top of the ship and work your way down and to move from the bow to the stern. Additionally, being mindful of the wind and the sun will help to make your job more effective and efficient. Avoid cleaning your ship during the hottest point of the day as during this time it is crucial to work at quick speeds to avoid soap drying — ultimately creating more work for you. When possible, complete this task earlier or later in the day to ensure the best results.


The mark of a good seaman is the condition of his boat! The plethora of stainless steel fittings means that if they are unkempt, it greatly affects the overall look and stature of your yacht. Ensuring you clean and maintain the stainless steel fittings regularly will bring the best look to your boat. Cleaning these fittings first with fresh water to wash away salt and dirt is the first step in achieving that enviable shine. A good-quality polishing product and clean, soft rags are all that is needed to bring the brilliance to the metal elements on your ship. Staying on top of polishing the metal fixtures on your ship will help to avoid the metal getting “pitted,” which is not only unattractive, but it weakens the metal itself. Regular maintenance will protect your yacht and allow it to really shine!


Maintaining the teak or other wooden elements on your boat will certainly guarantee your vessel garnishes the looks of nearby sailors and your guests. The upkeep of varnished wood maintains its shine and quality and prevents excessive work down the road. More often than not, when the wood and varnish are in good shape, a light sanding and a minimal varnish application are all that is required to maintain the beauty of your yacht and to guarantee your investment stays in pristine and a covetable condition.

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Stotler Yachts February 5, 2019